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With less than one week until the launch of our first Autumn catalogue, make sure you have ordered your own copy here.


We know it’s early but we’ve also added a sneak-peek Christmas category where you can be the first to buy our best-selling Glass Christmas Tree Jars and all of our festive favourites ready for December.

Glass Christmas Tree Jar X-LRGTREE alt 3 (2)

Our brand-new and exclusive Florrie Velvet bedroom collection has also now arrived! Inspired by a flea-market find, we have developed our own patterned velvet that exudes vintage style. Perfect to snuggle under as the nights get cooler, we’ve created two stylish new quilts in a soft sage or bold plum colour, as well as updating our favourite soft velvet beauty bags.

B-FLBAGS_006 1

Florrie-Velvet-Kingsize-Quilt-Plum-B-FLQUILTPLMFlorrie Velvet Kingsize Quilt- Sage Grey B-FLQUILTSGMake sure you keep an eye on our website as we have a lot of new and exciting products arriving over the next few weeks, from new additions to our Outdoor Rust Collection to our fabulous Autumnal Rugs, we have hand selected products that transform your home as Summer ends and Autumn begins.

This Week at Cox & Cox HQ

With less than a month to go until the launch of our new Autumn catalogue we have been extremely busy getting everything ready for you. Take a sneak peek at the front page of our first Autumn catalogue below and request your very own here.

Request your catalogue now!

We have been welcoming back a warm glow to our kitchen and dining spaces with our collection of soft white & copper leaf accessories and burnished copper chairs, all now back in stock. Click here to take a look and shop the collection now!

White & Copper collection now back in stock!

This week we also expanded our collection of Mirrors. Whether simple, french style, or big and bold, we have something for everyone and included all of our old favourites just for you. Click the image of our new Tunis Wooden Mirror to take a look >

New mirrors now online!

We are also excited to announce that we have reached 33,000 likes on Facebook this week! Facebook is the best place to go to be the first to hear about Cox & Cox so don’t forget to like us and keep up to date!

33,000 Likes on Facebook!

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Joanna Thornhill

A firm favourite with everyone at Cox & Cox HQ, we love Joanna Thornhill’s brilliant new book ‘Home For Now‘. Released earlier this year, freelance stylist and writer Joanna has put together a collection of inspirational images, information and advice on how to make your rented space or first home beautiful.

Front Cover Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill for Cico Books

Having worked on photo shoots and features for magazines such as House Beautiful, Country Homes & Interior and companies such as Sainsbury’s, Joanna demonstrates clever, practical and reversible decorating and styling ideas that allow you to transform the look of your home with just a few key pieces and tips. Items such as Wicker Cone ChairRecycled Vases, Cushion Covers and Mirrors are just a few pieces that can add instant style and personality to your space.

Plant-filled living room portrait, as seen in Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill Flowers in bottles as seen in Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill







20140806_090911 (1)



We sat down with Joanna earlier this month to find out a little bit about what she loves;

What do you love most about Cox & Cox?

I look at interiors websites far more than the average person – mainly down to my job, as I’m constantly looking for products and trend ideas to feature in photoshoots and features, but also as it’s my passion! I really appreciate sites who put in the effort to create a strong identity for themselves and offer a whole lifestyle package, rather than just a collection of ‘stuff’. With Cox & Cox, I know I’m going to see stunning, original product photography, as well as products to back them up.

What was the last book you read? 

I’ve been so preoccupied with work of late that the last time I sat down to read a whole novel was when I was on holiday to Crete. We stayed in a beautiful resort in Plaka, opposite the tiny uninhabited island of Spinalonga. So I couldn’t not read Victoria Hislop’s historical novel, The Island, which is based there. Being able to actually take a boat to the island having just finished reading it was pretty special.

What one item can you not live without?

I’d love to say something more interesting than my iPhone but really, it’s the one thing I’d be lost without. I’m very much a digital rather than paper person and prefer to either send emails to myself, bookmark web pages or use an online to-do list to manage my workload and life in general, plus my calendar, contacts and work folders are all ‘up in the cloud’. The iPhone gives me the freedom to access everything I need when I’m out and about, as well as keep my social media networks updated on the go.

What is your favourite Cox & Cox product and why?

There are too many beautiful things on the website to choose, but one Cox & Cox piece I have in my own home (well, outside it in the garden, actually) is the Rattan Planter. They are so simple and make such a difference to the look of the garden. My outdoor space is completely concrete so we’ve hidden it with fake grass and gravel borders, but this means all our plants have to grow in pots rather than the ground. I think plastic planters just look really scruffy but they’re the best way for us to grow anything, so the rattan planter mean I can stylishly disguise it. Hurrah!

What is your favourite place?

There’s still so many on the Bucket List, but I think a recent trip to India for a friend’s wedding will always rank way up there. After the wedding, in the north of India, my partner and I went down to Kerala for several days. I can still clearly picture all the vibrant colours and patterns that were on every building and surface. I’m not exactly a minimalist so for me, it was visual heaven!

What would your last breakfast on earth be? 

It’d have to be a really good Full English, with all the trimmings, and a soft yolk.

What makes you happiest?

I’m very lucky that my job is also one of my main passions in life, but it does mean that sometimes it’s hard to switch off, especially when things are busy. So I really appreciate time out with my boyfriend outside of London altogether, even if it’s just a daytrip, to help get out of that work mindset and just switch off, far enough removed from home to prevent me nipping back to catch up on any deadlines! Particularly if it’s by the sea – having always lived inland, that first glimpse of it on any trip still feels me with that childhood excitement. Fish and chips on the beach is possibly my favourite thing ever.

What are your plans for 2014?

I’m hoping to build on the momentum of launching my book, Home for Now, and seeing what other doors that might open for me, as well as various styling jobs I have in the pipeline along with my regular pages for several titles and websites. And at home, I’m desperate to make headway with my house renovations – we bought our first place just over two years ago and have been painstakingly stripping it back and restoring it to its former glory, all on a shoestring budget. We’re midway through finishing the bedroom and study, which have pretty much just been cosmetic, but I’m hoping once that’s sorted we can do the biggie – a total refit of the kitchen and dining room. And I think once all that’s done, a holiday might be in order!

Who or What is your biggest inspiration?

I think when you’re a visual person, inspiration is all around you – as cheesy as it might sound, but anything from a beautiful sunset to a charmingly derelict old building can spark off ideas for colour or decorating schemes. Although design shows and magazines can really help get the creative juices flowing, sometimes the best inspiration comes when you’re not even really looking for it.

What did you want to be when you grew up? 

I sort of always wanted to do what I’m doing now really, I just never knew it existed! I’ve always loved writing, art and design, but was never quite sure what the best outlet for that would be. I wanted to be a fashion designer for a long time and studied Fashion Design at university, before realising it wasn’t quite right for me and switching to a degree in Fashion Promotion, but was always interested in interiors and eventually decided that should be my vocation rather than just an interest. I think blogs and social media have really opened up the industry and people are far more familiar with what interior stylists do nowadays, but back when I was first starting out, for an outsider like me it almost felt like stepping into a secret world – I’m glad I eventually found my way into it though!

Joanna Thornhill Profile Square Architecture

Joanna’s book is available to buy here.

Back in Stock | White & Copper

Our stunning collection of White & Copper pieces for your kitchen/dining space are back in stock!

From little tea light holders to add a copper accent to your home, to stand out furniture that transforms a room, the collection is available to buy now >



White & Copper Bowl



White & Copper Lightshade


White & Copper Tea Light Holders


Two Copper Cafe Chairs


A Day In The Life | Merchandising

Untitled design (17)

It’s a tough job organising all of our products here at Cox & Cox, but our Merchandiser/ Quality Control extraordinaire Sam does a brilliant job. She organises all of our products to add stock as often as possible, and makes sure everything is in tip top shape. We sat down with Sam to find out what she loves about working at Cox & Cox >

What do you love about Cox & Cox? I love the brand and what it stands for: beautiful, useful, quirky items for the home – every corner filled with inspirational ideas. I feel so lucky to be working in such a creative environment surrounded by gorgeous things and to be working with like-minded people. It really is a great little company to work for with masses of potential and I hope to be on its journey for many years to come.

What was the last book you read? The Vanished Man by Jeffery Deaver – I love detective thrillers and this one is a real page turner! It’s about the art of distraction with lots of twists and turns. The perfect holiday read – I highly recommend it.

What one item could you not live without? My phone – am loving that you can now do so much on one device – the advance in technology never ceases to amaze – Spotify is my new favourite app

Favourite Cox & Cox product and why? Oh no please don’t make me choose! That really is a tough question because I quite literally love it all… I guess though if pushed I would have to say the Naked Wire Lights – they are so beautiful and can really transform a space, inside and out, into something  truly magical

Favourite place? There is a small town on the West coast of Wales called Aberaeron. I have been going there every year over the August bank holiday weekend since I was little and now I continue the tradition with my husband, children and friends. We camp on a farm with direct access to a pebbly beach, about a 5 minute walk from the centre which is filled with brightly coloured houses, quaint little shops, a pretty harbour and plenty of eateries. On the bank holiday Monday there is a carnival procession in which we take part with dancers dressed up in bright colours, floats and a traditional jazz band. The theme each year is made up of different colours and a variety of costumes ensue. Come rain or shine it’s lots of fun, starts off at the harbour and parades its way around the town stopping off at practically every drinking hole – it’s basically a chance to get into fancy dress and go on a glorified pub crawl! Full of fond memories it’s my favourite place for sure.

What would be your last breakfast on earth? It’s got to be a full English – smoked streaky bacon, good quality pork sausages, fried egg, hash browns, mushrooms, black pudding, and baked beans together with a hefty helping of Nicolas Vahe Porcini Ketchup – that sauce tastes amazing!

What makes you happiest? Food – I love cooking and can often be found poring over a good recipe book, planning my meals for the week ahead. I also love going out to eat and will come up with any excuse in order to ‘do’ lunch or dinner out!

What are your plans for 2014? Holidaying with the kids – this year we’re checking out Butlins, and going to Marmaris, Turkey with friends. Also my year wouldn’t be complete without going to a couple of music festivals…

Who or What is your biggest inspiration? My Granny Babs was a big inspiration to me – she wasn’t your regular ‘blue rinse’ nan – full of fun and much younger than her years – her motto was 6 o’ clock – wine o’clock. I concur.

What did you want to be when you grew up? I remember once thinking it would be fun to be part of a Circus!

Summer Sale | Outdoors

We’ve added some of our favourite outdoor products into our Summer Sale for a limited time so you can update your outdoors for less. Stock is extremely limited so may not be available for long, but here are a few of our favourites >

Two Square Rattan Planters G-RATPLANT2

WAS £125 NOW £37.50

Rattan Planter G-RATPLANT

WAS £120 NOW £60

Natural Wooden Bench G-BENCH

WAS £225 NOW £112.50


WAS £60 NOW £30


WAS £65 NOW £32.50

Scarecrow Kit G-SCARE

WAS £45 NOW £31.50


WAS £15.50 NOW £7.75


WAS £30 NOW £15

Insect Hotel G-INSECT

WAS £25 NOW £17.50

Bee House G-BEE

WAS £12.50 NOW £8.75


Weekend Treat | Caipirinha Granita

What better way to celebrate The World Cup in Brazil than with their national cocktail, a Caipirinha. Extremely refreshing and simple to make, we’ve decided to put our own frozen twist on this refreshing drink >

Untitled design (12)

What you need:
> 100g Caster Sugar
> 2-3 Large Limes
> 200ml Cachaca
> Lime Zest

1) Add 200ml water and 100g Caster Sugar to a large pan and stir over high heat until completely dissolved

2) Stop stirring and simmer for 5 minutes until syrup has thickened

3) Add juice of 2-3 large limes and 200ml Cachaca, pour into container and leave to cool

4) Move to freezer, using a fork to break up crystals every hour for at least 3

5) Fork out granita into glasses when you are ready to serve and finish with lime zest and a splash of cachaca


Ingrid Hoffman's Caipirinha

Recipe from Red Magazine & images found on Pinterest.

Recipe | Homemade Elderflower Cordial

Last week we asked you to share your favourite Summer Snacks and inspired by our lucky winner here is our how-to guide to the perfect Elderflower Cordial >


What you need:
> 2.5kg White Sugar
> 1.5L water
> 2 Unwaxed Lemons
> 20 Fresh Elderflower Heads
> 85g Citric Acid

1) Add the sugar and water into an extra large saucepan and gently heat until sugar has dissolved

2) Zest lemons with potato peeler before slicing lemon into rounds

3) Once sugar is dissolved, bring syrup to boil before taking off heat

4) Rince Elderflower heads before sprinkling flowers over syrup

5) Add lemon zest and citric acid, stir well and cover before leaving to infuse for 24 hours

6) Line a colander with a tea towel and place over a large pan

7) Ladel syrup into tea towel slowly, letting the syrup drip through before discarding tea towel

8) Transfer into bottles and enjoy within 6 weeks!

Cox & Cox Tip : Enjoy with soda water or sparkling wine!



Images found on and recipe here.